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For several months, I'd been lusting after Jeffree Star's Matte liquid lipsticks and whilst I wasn't quite brave enough for the likes of 'Drug Lord' or 'Jawbreaker' (have a look and you'll see what I mean) I had been wanting to get my hands on 'Androgyny' and 'Celebrity Skin' for what seemed like a million years.

However, as you'll know if you're also a Jeffree Star fanatic like me, 'Androgyny' and 'Celebrity Skin' are pretty much sold out 90% of the time - so whilst I was in the states for 2 months, I wanted to order them to avoid having to pay for delivery, but did they come in stock? Of course not (just my luck, as per!)

So I was delighted when Beautylish (UK Stockist) emailed me to let me know the two most coveted shades were back and with free delivery (yes please!) so I quickly purchased them at 2am and fell asleep v happy!

When they arrived they came in this très adorbs box and I nearly squealed with excitement! As you know, nudes are the way to my heart, and whilst I would kind of class them as both being on the nude spectrum, 'Androgyny' is a sort of plummy deep pink, so a little different to what I'd usually go for (woah, Maddie is venturing out of classical nude territory, hello adventurous).

So let's start with the packaging - because Beautylish isn't the creator of these lipsticks I wasn't expecting them to come in Jeffree packaging, but they did which was super cute and really made them feel luxurious (and made me feel better about having spent £££ on them!)

I had read online / watched copious youtube videos about Jeffree's liquid lipsticks, which mostly live up to the hype but nearly all complain about the smell, something which didn't seem an issue to me? Maybe my sense of smell is different? Who knows, but either way, it wasn't a big issue to me.
Consistency wise, these liquid lipsticks are very light and apply with ease, thanks to the feel of the product and the clever doe foot shape of the applicator, so the perfect amount of product is held on the brush, which is great for 2 reasons a)  stops you having to go in and out several times to build up coverage and b) because you only need to dip once, the product doesn't dry up as quick! 

I purchased the shades (which retail on Jeffree's site for $18 per product) for $43 (including taxes which always catch me out ugh) so thats approx £33 for the two, so not as expensive as my Kat Von D liquid lipstick, but still not cheap. 
I by no means think all expensive lipsticks/makeup products are better for the name or price, however, with a lot of companies, the price does reflect quality, and everything about Jeffree Star's lippies scream quality, which I love.


Androgyny Velour Liquid Lipstick - Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Androgyny is a deep plum pink matte and it is the most popular liquid lipstick sold by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and I can totes see why. It is so dreamy , and after having poured over many different reviews, you can see why everybody loves it - it suits everyone and every skin tone. The formula is thick, but very smooth and easy to apply and thinner than some drug store matte liquid lipsticks I've tried. The pigment is intense, which is great, and means you get long lasting wear. The matte effect isn't totally drying, however, if you're lips are remotely oily the product won't stay, so I'd suggest buying a lip scrub (or making your own - coffee, sugar and coconut oil make a great lip scrub!)

Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin Velour Liquid Lipstick - Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Celebrity Skin is a gorgeous warm toned nude, which goes on a  good shade lighter than it appears in the bottle. Usually, it takes a couple layers to get a full opaque coverage, unlike Androgyny which seems slightly thicker (maybe the lightness of this shade makes it thinner?)
I adore this as a nude no.1 fan, and it looks so good on different skin tones too.

Top Swatch: Celebrity Skin // Bottom Swatch: Androgyny

The final verdict? These liquid to matte lipsticks are great, the bottle feels heavy which gives the product a really luxurious feel, the applicator has been well-designed and the formula is amazing.
It goes on as easy a lipgloss and stays like pigmented powder. It does, after half a day of wear, feather a little and disappear from the inner lip, which is expected.

I would definitely buy from Jeffree Star again, and maybe venture out for a bolder colour. I'm currently lusting after 'Unicorn Blood', do you own any Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Are you currently hankering after any of his other shades? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, as always,

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