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Hello you lot! Guess who's back? Your gal is back off her summer travels and boy do I have some exciting posts ready and waiting!
I can't wait to share with you my travels and beauty buys from the US of A but also some other exciting things I've got lined up for you - think collabs, cheeky discounts and much more (wahoo!)
I have missed blogging so much over the summer, and unlike other bloggers, its been the quietest time here at Oh So Maddie (at least I always surprise 'ey guys?)
So, you've probably been wondering why I've been MIA the past few months, well, I was a big ball of stress at the end of May during exams and then June rolled around, and before I knew it I was a Camp Counsellor teaching horse riding in Pennsylvania and in all honesty, June/July/August have been such a whirlwind of making amazing memories, fab friends, experiencing home sickness and challenging myself.
So, lets jump right in and I'll try not write an essay and babble on about 'you had to be there' moments, but rather I'll try express some of the insane experiences I've had over the course of my time in america and highlight my fave bits and bobs for you guys.
Grab a coffee (and maybe some cake ... because why not?!) and have a read of what I've been up to this summer ...


My journey started in Pennsylvania for 2 months where I taught horse riding (bet you didn't know I've been horse riding for 13 years did you? I'm full of surprises) at an all girls american summer camp in the Pocono Mountains (pronounced: Po-kuh-no - it took me weeks to get it right). It was such an insane experience with blood, sweat and tears (literally - lots of sweat, lots of blood and happy and sad tears) but it was so worth it. I've never flown anywhere completely alone, so I thought I'd jump right in the deep end and jet off to PA to work for 2 months - yep, I thought I was crazy too.
I could tell you every small detail, every horses name and character and how much I laughed, but sometimes, its hard to get it into words. 
I tried to capture the beauty of the places I saw, but you know, the most beautiful sights can never be captured through a camera (and, obviously, my iPhone constantly had to tell me 'cannot take photo' and even after having deleted approx 1749 photos I still apparently couldn't take a photo - Apple, sort your storage out babes!) but, I tried, and here are a few of the amazing wild places I saw.

Shohola Falls, PA.
Your gal looking pensive in a waterfall
Riding at Sunset
Shohola Game Reserve, PA
Looking tiny on the edge of a waterfall
My happy place

Paddle boarding on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Sunsets at Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Lake Wally, yet again.

4th of July, PA.
Horses at Sunset, PA.
Lake Wallenpaupack, PA.
Rafting down the Delaware, New York/Pennsylvania
I learnt from the wonderful girls I taught, who always made me laugh or smile, and it was beyond rewarding to see them come on in both ability but also confidence. I learnt from all 15 of the horses, and how, no matter how difficult it might be, you can always pull through. I not only improved my own confidence, but also improved my teaching ability, in and out the saddle, first aid skills (for both horses and people) and how to stay calm when even the most stressful situations arise - something I'm still working on because I am constantly stressed out.
It wasn't only physically tiring but mentally and emotionally, and I think anyone who signs up to work at a summer camp should know that, but if you're willing to work all day on little sleep and give it your all, then it might just be for you, because you can't put into words what you get from it.

After 2 months of hard work, I decided to treat myself for a week and visited two of my favourite places: Washington D.C and NYC.


My favourite place, by far, is D.C. I saw so much, and I will do a Washington dedicated post in my 'American Adventures: Part 2' so you guys can see all the amaze balls things I got to do, so stay tuned! But, until then, here are some snaps of the highlights of my time in D.C!

Abe Lincoln looking dapper

Connections, Renwick Gallery, Washington D.C.
Renwick Gallery, Washington D.C.

I saw some amazing museums, art exhibits, botanical gardens, historical sites and places of utter beauty in D.C If you mixed the trendiness of Paris, with the beauty of Bath and added some New York pizazz, you'd probably get a place that looked much like D.C, and if that doesn't make you want to go, then I don't know what will.
Stay tuned for my Washington D.C post soon.


I ended my trip to the states in NYC for the third time, and I loved it just as much as I always have. The bright lights, streets full of people and excitement embody the Big Apple, and if you're looking for somewhere to relax, this isn't the place. Don't get me wrong, it an amazing place to visit and there's always so much to do, but because there's SO much to see and SO much you want to fit in, you are constantly on the go! If you guys want, I can do my bloggers guide to NYC as my 'American Adventures: Part 3' - let me know in the comments below what you think!

Subway to Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.
View from the Empire State, NYC.

The Statue of Liberty, NYC.

Times Square, NYC.

Spending my summer in America has been an incredible experience I could never recreate and I'm so thankful to all the people I met along the way.

 I am sorry for not having been around v much, but I have so much in the pipelines ready and waiting and I can't wait to hit the ground running back into the land o' blogs. 
If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love,

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