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I wanted to do a post that's slightly different from my usual posts. Lately, I've been stressing out and not feeling myself. I was in a bit of a rut if I'm honest and everything seemed out of place, but one of my friends gave me some really good advice "go and spend some time on your own, in your own company and try enjoy it". So that's what I did. I know she didn't suggest to go treat myself, but that's the way I know best to be in my own company, so I headed of for some retail therapy. (Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness has never been to MAC, clearly.)

But, joking aside, it was so nice to have a wonder around my beautiful second home that is Bath, and treat myself, and I wanted to share with you a) the things I bought, because #obsessed and b) what I've learned over the past few days (they'll be some cheeky advice points along the way, so prepare yourself).

So, firstly, I'll show you what I bought and why I can't get enough of them:

I started by heading to my haven: MAC. I went with the intentions of getting my hands on Lady Be Good from the Retro Matte Liquid Lip-colour line but, as per usual, it was Out of Stock (my heart broke for the gaziollonth time). If you follow MAC on Instagram you might have seen they released some new colours, Antique Velvet being one of them. Antique Velvet is a deep dark Matte brown, and I was so close to picking it up (it was my go-to choice in the likely eventuality that Lady Be Good was out of stock, which, of course, it was) however,  I thought I'd have a scan of the colours, because I love torturing myself with all of the ones I want. After swatching Antique Velvet (alongside approximately 20 other shades) I wasn't as in love with it as I thought I'd be; not because it's not drop-dead-gorgeous, which it is, but that it's very similar to my Bobbi Brown Matte in Sandy Brown, so I reluctantly returned it back to the employee, who was seemingly concerned as to why I had suddenly changed my mind. 
I am always drawn to Matte Nudes. They are my calling. There is something about a 'my lips but better' colour thats draws me in, and because old habits die hard, I ended up swatching lipsticks that were oh-so-similar to the ones I already own (oh well, you can never have too many brown nudes I say ...)
I narrowed it down to Twig, Whirl and Persistence. If I wasn't going to the US this summer and feeling more frivolous, I probably would have thrown caution to the wind and bought all three (god, what a rebel I am) but having the money-conscious voice inside my head telling me to buy just the one, I went with Persistence. (Pictured above)
Persistence is a gorgeous deep brown with reddish hues, but has cool undertones. Colour wise, it is very similar to Mocha (my all time favourite) which is a satin finish, but it is slightly darker, less pink and has a matte finish. It has to be said, I think it might beat Mocha as my all time favourite (gasp!) because it has a Matte finish, and contains less pink, so doesn't clash with nude/pink eyeshadow (which is my favourite colour-way).
If you're looking for a darker lip-like matte colour, I'd recommend Persistence.

(Side-note: It really made me laugh that the colour I ended up buying was Persistence, because I think that's what I've been lacking lately - the metaphorical kind, not the lip colour ... but it's definitely an added bonus!)

Next up, I headed to my local Nails Inc counter, because other than OPI, it is my favourite nail-polish brand. The lady there was super helpful and patient with my indecisiveness, and she helped narrow down my long list of nail colours, which were obviously all nudes, gosh, am I that predictable. (There is a serious trend in my colour choices, I bet you're all bored to death with me telling you how in love I am with pink/nudes). Anyway, I ended up treating myself to a Nails Inc Gel Effect polish in 'Porchester Square'. It is a soft, mushroom coloured nude, that is slightly cooler than my usual nude choices (how adventurous of me). I am so in love with this colour because a) it is really long wearing and b) it gives a salon-like gel finish, at a fraction of the cost. (10 points to Nails inc for coming up with this amazing formula). Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, this varnish is also nourishing, so doesn't leave nails brittle and dry!

Aside from reviewing my lovely purchases, I wanted to give some of you who are maybe not feeling 100% yourself some advice.

1) Take time for you: go out, or stay in, but just take some time to be in your own company, as hard as it may be. (I get annoyed at myself within like 30 seconds, but just persevere.)

2) Don't be so hard on yourself: I'm really good at picking on myself, and it's totally not cool. My advice to you is to stop being your own worst enemy, and start enjoying your own company (see advice point number one)

3) It's okay to lean on the people who love you when you need them most: one of my best friends recently told me off because I mother everyone else and keep all my problems in. Which is so true. I am mother hen of my friends, and I love it, I really do. I love being there for them when they need me most, but, if ever I'm low I feel like I don't want to burden them because I don't want to let them down, and I know they'd hate to know that. (sorry guys) So, take it from me when I tell you it's okay to let other people know how you're feeling, because they care about you!

I hate to get all cheesy, but I really am thankful for my friends, both at home, at University in Bath and all over the world, so thank you, you lovely people, I'd be utterly lost without you.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really loved writing it. Comment below if you fancy seeing more posts like this, or just let me know your thoughts!


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