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Candle lovers unite! As you all know, I'm obsessed with candles. I have no shame, it's a real obsession, but with University rules and all that jazz, my candle burning is limited to when I'm back home, which, quite frankly, isn't often enough for me. So when the lovely people at Wax WarmUps™ sent me some of their wax melts to try, I was super excited at the thought of finally being able to have candles in my Uni room without actually burning anything! (I literally couldn't contain my excitement!)

These wonderful melts smell incredible. When I opened the little bags they came in, my room was filled with a mix of gorgeous scents. These warm ups are perfect to melt in places where you're not allowed candles/open flames or if it is likely to be left unattended.  They do not 'melt' as such, but sort of expand, so if you're super clumsy like me and have a tendency to knock things over, these would be the perfect solution. 

They retail for $5.25 which is around £3.60, which is super reasonable I think, especially when they last so long. You can purchase warmers (similar to a tart melter but obviously you don't need a tea light) for $12.99 which is around £8.90, which look super cute and there aren't any cords like other tart warmers. (Alternatively, an idea is to pop one in a votive holder and place it on a warm - not hot - radiator if you want to test it out before investing in a warmer, but they really are worth it in my opinion!)

I was sent the following scents:

  • Island Coconut
  • Mahogany
  • Olive Flower
  • Tree Trimming
  • Cosy Fireplace

I was so pleased with the array of scents I received, as it was a really nice mix of Winter, Fresh and Earthy scents. My absolute favourite was Olive Flower (closely followed by Cosy Fireplace ... or Island Coconut ... it was hard to pick a favourite!)

ISLAND COCONUT WAX WARM UP - $5.25/approx £3.60

This is a lovely softly sweet tropical scent. It has floral notes alongside the coconut base, which is semi-earthy, making it much more realistic than some coconut scented products which are overpowering and far too sickly sweet. This mix transports you to some far off shore, making me long for summer. Perfect for this time of year and definitely one of my favourites.

MAHOGANY WAX WARM UP - $5.25/approx £3.60

This scent reminds me of an old library that smells really clean. I know that must sound like a really bizarre metaphor, but it honestly does. It has that really lovely warming wooden smell of an old library, minus the musty smell, hence the 'clean' part. It is fresh, whilst also having a really nostalgic scent. It's a tough one to explain, but it's seriously gorgeous. It filled my room with a comforting smell, and made me feel at home. It's made a really nice difference to my usual picks that are usually sweet. It's heady without being overpowering and I'd recommend it 100%.

OLIVE FLOWER WAX WARM UP - $5.25/approx £3.60

When I first looked at the lovely scents I'd been sent, I wouldn't have assumed this would've been my favourite, but, alas, I was wrong. I like floral scents, but they're not my go-to-choice (I think maybe because my Mum usually chooses floral scents, so I go for scents that are a bit different?) but this was a really nice surprise. I was expecting my favourite to be Cozy Fireplace (which, I won't lie, I really love - gosh, I know myself so well) but I am so obsessed with Olive Flower that it stormed into the lead (sorry, cozy fireplace, maybe some other time.) It is fresh and floral yet not too sweet and still has depth. It reminds me of going out to see my horses, early in the mornings in Summer, when the sky is blue and the grass is dew-covered, and I love that it takes me back home. In the same breath, it transports me to a floral field on the edge of the Mediterranean, and I love that too. This scent is really complex and different, which is why I love it as much as I do. The notes of lemon also make my room feel super clean, and the undertones of cut grass make me feel super summery. Summer is 130 days away, so I'll have to make do with this gorgeous scent in the meantime. 

TREE TRIMMING WAX WARM UP - $5.25/approx £3.60

I really think Tree Trimming is an underrated all-year-round scent. I have never been a fan of the oh-so-common scent of Pine Needles that surfaces around the festive period, so, I won't lie, I was slightly sceptical to test this scent. I am so happy that my pre-judgements were quickly quashed, and I think this scent should have a year-round status. It doesn't remind me of that nauseating synthetic pine needle scent, but rather of being in a forest straight after it's rained. It has a fresh, earthy, green smell and I love it. I am a country girl, so this scent really transported me back to my roots. It has fresh lemon-like notes too, and I'm currently melting it in my Uni room because I love it so much.

COZY FIREPLACE WAX WARM UP - $5.25/approx £3.60

Cozy Fireplace has been mentioned above various times as one of my favourites of the bunch and here's why. Not only does it come in a super cute maple leaf shape, but it smells so divine. It has a wood-like base with sweet, warming overtones. Whilst being sweet and warm, it is not too overpowering and the smell of fresh wood definitely seems to be the main scent. It reminds me of sitting in front of a fire outdoors, as it has that warming and comforting smell of home, but also fresh wooden over-tones that transport me to a woodland. I adore this scent, and it comes an oh-so-close second place to Olive Flower.

The final verdict? I think flame-less wax melts are an innovative idea, perfect for students and people who are prone to forgetting candles or busy-bodies who don't have time to light candles. They have just as good a throw as a standard tart melt and last for around the same period of time. They are cleaner than tart melts, and much more safe if you have children, pets or are prone to clumsiness (a.k.a me)

I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think in the comments below, I adore hearing from you all, as always. Don't forget to subscribe and never miss a post, sign up at the bottom of this page!


These products were provided for me by the kind people at Wax WarmUps™, however, all opinions were honest and my own. For more information see my disclaimer tab.

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  1. Great review! You really took your time and I personally think you are spot on.

  2. I love these and the idea of no mess and no clean up is great. What a perfect idea for using them at school, where open flames are not allowed.

    1. That would be ideal! And no hot wax for little fingers either!
      Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Linda.
      Maddie | Oh So Maddie

  3. I haven't seen something similar, flameless wax melts sounds interesting! They look so cute and I'm sure they smell so good!

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I hadn't before either, they're such a fab idea! They are super cute and genuinely smell divine and so fresh!
      Thanks for your comment!
      Love, Maddie | Oh So Maddie

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