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So I thought I'd do a post on three of my all time favourite Matte MAC Lipsticks.
Now, there's a reason why Honeylove, Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo are some of MAC's best selling lipsticks, because they're to-die-for!
Honeylove (pictured above far right) is a soft brown/peach nude, and significantly lighter than Velvet Teddy, perfect for all day wear.
Ruby Woo, (centre) the killer retro red, is highly pigmented, and super long-wearing. The only down-side is that if you smudge it or over apply, its quite staining, which I always end up doing around the edges of my lips if I'm having a particularly clumsy day!
And finally, Velvet Teddy. (Left) I have to say this is my all time favourite colour. If you've ever seen/used MAC's Mocha, it's quite similar, but more matte and with a pinkier hue.
If you're looking for good, long wearing, nude shades; turn to Velvet Teddy and Honeylove, but for a bolder look, it's Ruby Woo all the way.
The downside? They're slightly drying to the lips, but it's nothing a little bit of Burt's Bee's can't rectify.
I adore the matte finish, and I'd recommend investing in these if you're looking for colours that can be worn all day.

I hope you liked this post, if you have any requests/ideas/comments, let me know below!
Love as always,

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