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One of my major makeup loves is eye-shadow. It is literally the highlight of my makeup application process. I could sit blending and shading all day long, so I thought I'd put together my eye colour must haves for you lovely people, and tell you why I obsess over these palette/colours so much!
If you have any favourites you think I should add to my ever growing collection, please let me know. I'm semi-tempted by a Too-Faced palette: what do you think?


Up first is one of my new loves: MAC's Amber Times Nine. This gorgeous palette is a mixture of warm browns, terracotta oranges and dusty pinks. It puts together a collection of my all time favourite colour ways; you can create many different looks, from soft nude to bright and peachy to deep dark hazelnut looks. The pigment of these colours has a slightly weak pick up, but it is buildable and I like that, but I'd definitely recommend using a dense brush rather than a soft bristled brush. Moving from the left of each row starting at the top, the colours are as follows: Cozy Grey, Kitties, Georgia Peach, Ricepaper, Creative Copper, Cork, Don't Tell, Aromatic and Pepper, Please.  It has to be said, I haven't used the bottom row so much, but only because I don't wear much dark unless I'm on a night out. My favourite colours have to be Georgia Peach, which is a cool dusty pink, Creative Copper, because it is a beautiful golden beige that gives the eyelids a wonderful highlight and finally, my top pick of the bunch, Cork; this colour is a smooth warm brown, that is not too dark, nor too weak, and I when blend into the crease and lash line, it gives a wonderful and natural definition to the eyes. The colours all have underlying purple tones, whilst still maintaining a warm finish. I prefer a warm colour-way to a cooler finish, so usually I steer clear of any purples (also because I feel purples highlight my dark eye area) but this palette subtly offers colours that are not too far on the cold spectrum, nor too warm, which is why I love it SO much. The size is quite small, perfect for popping in your bag, but somewhat smaller than you'd expect given the £30 price tag, but I love and would recommend it nonetheless.  


A long-term favourite of mine is Naked 3, which I'm sure you've heard countless reviews of, so I'll keep this one slightly short. I cannot get enough of Urban Decay palettes, their pigmentation is second to none and the colours a different and to die for.  If you're a rose gold, peach, or pink lover, this palette will seem like a god-send, but if you can't think of anything worse than a completely pink palette; maybe you should pass on this one. Rose gold will forever be my favourite colour, and combined alongside coppers, peaches and soft pinks, this is a beautiful palette, with long-lasting, highly pigmented colours.

If you saw one of my previous posts, you'll know how much I adore the Naked Smoky palette. Everything from the intense pigments of the colours, to the brush, to the suave packaging; Naked Smoky is a dream. If you want to delve into further detail, here's the link to my previous Naked Smoky Palette Review. 

If you aren't already obsessed with Bare Minerals, then you absolutely should be. I swear by this brand, and use it religiously for my base makeup (I reckon a base makeup post is definitely in order!) because they keep your skin unclogged, smooth and if you have sensitive or spot-prone skin, it really is brilliant at reducing irritation, and it doesn't anger your skin unlike many products. This palette is called The Designer Label, and I adore this luxurious, classy colour-way. Colours included are called: Ball Gown, Tres Chic, Elitist, Couture, and I think these lovely names match the classiness of the colours wonderfully. When applied with my super soft Real Techniques brush (see review here), these smooth and gentle eye shadows made my eyes feel like they were in heaven, I could have applied and blended for hours on end. The colours are sheer, build-able, long wearing and pigmented without being heavy. I don't think I'll ever stop loving the wonders that are Bare Minerals products, and this palette was no exception. At £29, I think it's worth it, and they come in a million different colour ways too, so there's definitely a palette out there for everyone.


 As I said earlier, I'm a real sucker for anything rose gold/copper colour, and when I went into my local MAC, I fell in love with this bright, rich, coppery eye colour, and I just had to have it. The extra dimension shadows are described as being a liquid-powder consistency, ranging from sheer crystal finishes to polished metallic effects. In my opinion, the shadow is less of a liquid finish but definitely sheer. The finish is a lovely translucent copper toned glimmer, however less pigmented than I was expecting, having been used to the intensity of the golds in Naked 3. If you're looking for a bold finish, it would take a fair amount of building, but it is an undeniably gorgeous shadow, perfecting for highlighting the centre of the eye lid. I'd definitely buy another extra dimension shadow from MAC, however, they aren't cheap, given that their 9 x Palette's retail at £30. I'd suggest making sure you absolutely adore the colour before investing; luckily, I adore mine, and I could stare at it's princess-like glitteriness all day.

So, that concludes my eye colour must haves post! I hope you liked it!
If you have any suggestions, please let me know, I'm always on the look out for more palettes! If you liked this post, please comment or tweet me, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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