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So as you may (or may not) know, I spend a whole lot of time thinking about some of the beautiful places I've been, and dreaming about places I long to go. I can't wait to record more memories on my blog of my travels and travelling dreams, but after spending a lovely day with one of my best friends around the fields at my home, I realised how important it is to love where you live, and realise that it only seems less impressive, because it is the norm. When I had my horses at home, I used to see the countryside almost daily, but now I'm at University (in Bath, the beauty of which never ceases to amaze me it has to be said) I don't get to see the see the fields and hills of home like I once did, and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live where I do.

One of the things that amazed me the most was the vivid change in colour as the clouds moved in and out of the suns beam, and these photos are proof of the change in beauty of the countryside all within the time frame of about half an hour.


This time of year is my favourite I think. Yes, I love hazy summer days and constant sunshine (constant sunshine? In Britain? Well, maybe not constant, but certainly there's less rain than the rest of the year ...) but in all honesty, nothing is quite as magical as a cold, misty yet stunningly sunny winter day, wrapped up in a coat with my wellingtons on makes me feel more at home than anywhere else, and I thought it important to tell you all, and reiterate to myself, how good it feels to live where I do.
I think, maybe, having had horses and having been out in all kinds of weather (from thundering downpours to heatwaves where I couldn't keep myself or the horses cool enough! - oh the ever-changing British weather, how we love it) I think I'd almost become numb to the magic of nature that surrounds my home, and even though I am totally enraptured by the starry night skies and the beauty of the weather, I had definitely forgotten to be thankful of the English countryside, but I'm glad for my little English adventure, because I won't be losing hold of the beauty of home anytime soon.

Love, as always,

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