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A week into my blogging venture (notice the posting time) and I wanted to thank you all for the amount of support you've shown me. 
I wanted to start off my blog by writing about different topics daily, and I've loved it. 
I was going to wait for an earthly hour to publish this post, however, in a slightly odd twist of fate, as the clock struck 12am, I realised I'd had over 1,000 views on my blog in the short amount of time it's been live, and to me that's crazy!
I know that once I'm back at University, my blogging will definitely not be daily, but I'm going to try (as a part of my New Years Resolution for 2016) to stick to a blogging schedule, and I hope you'll all continue to show the same amazing support as you have done through the year.

(P.S: I'd love your ideas, thoughts and comments, so let me know what you think!)

All my love and lots of thanks,

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  1. I've just discovered your blog and I love it!! Your SO good to have only had it this short amount of time!! I've just started out to and was wondering if you'd like to support each other? We could be like internet friends and help each other out!!


    1. Hello lovely!

      Thank you so much for your kind words Carly!
      Just had a peek at your blog too and it's lovely, just watched your 19 Things on Being 19 and it made ma laugh (in a good way!).
      That would be fab!

      Maddie | ohsomaddie.blogspot.co.uk


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